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Mobirise drag and drop website builder software allows you to re-create a website to become compatible with various devices and mobile browsers.

Some Pros of the Mobirise WYSIWYG Web Page Builder

The advantages of using Mobirise free offline website builder include:

The software does not cost a dime to acquire. You can use the program without any form of subscription.
It is very easy to use. It has a simple interface that makes navigation fun and easy.
It is an ideal option for website builders that want to create a website on a tight budget.
It has intriguing, appealing and responsive templates. 

Some features of using this wysiwyg web builder software are:

It requires buying and setting up a hostname and domain name of the website before use. On the other side, the app doesn't limit you to use their hosting servers.

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Mobirise is the perfect choice for small/medium businesses or a newbie looking to create a website without spending a fortune. Websites created with Mobirise have a modern design and feel. The Mobirise wysiwyg web builder is one that stands out amongst its peers, offering elegant and responsive offline website design for free.      


I'm using logo slider to show my clients logo.
It works very well, but as i need this slider at the bottom of each page, i saved it in user blocks to re-use it in my other pages in no time.
But when i have to update my slider with new logo, i have to :
- change all sliders logo in each page
- change my slider / save it again in user block / replae all sliders in each page
Both ways are booooorrriiiinnggg !!

Is there a way to made it work like my header menu ?
When i had a new menu i don't need to modify each menu pages, it is done automatically.

Mobirise Support
Unfortunately, the feature you require is not provided currently in the app.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Check our forum - our users often share useful and interesting
solutions for different tasks.

It's very boring to do the same opération again and again in 10 pages, so imagine in 20 pages ??
It should work like menu block and i think this operation would be easier to param.

Mobirise Support
If you have Code Editor, you can try to add the global attribute to your section (it should work correctly for M4 themes).

And once i will modify one my logo slider, all of them will be modified?

Mobirise Support
Sorry, I have checked it, it works only for the text content this time, not for images.

So please add this feature or modify your next update for doing the real job.
I hope the next update will comme sooner cause the last one is full of bug and don't work as it would.
The Mobirise website creator software 4 beta is more stable thant the last version, how it can be possible ?

After the update to 4.6.6 ALL my sliders have stopped working or have disappeared form ALL modules! What can I do to recover them?

Mobirise Support 
Try to open the previous versions of these problem projects.
Use History feature which can be located in the site settings.

my extensions are not able to get installed since the new update 4.6.6
i have puchased html editor and ecommerce theme

Mobirise Support 
Try to log out log in back in the app.
Make sure you're using the account that was used for activation of the
purchased extensions because they are linked to this account now and
keys cannot be used again.
Use the same account in the app to be able to install your extensions.
Please note that you can't use redeem codes twice.
You can log in with this email/account only on 2 devices. 


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