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Currently, the web design industry has been making advancements to redefine the way websites are being built. Consequently, a ton of website designing tools have been introduced, one of which is the offline website builders. Offline website builders have since made website building easy and fun.
There are so many features of this innovation that makes it super interesting. Characteristics such as the fact that you do not need coding to create a website on such platforms and it has made website designing less complex. Another of its numerous benefits is that it saves you time and money and you can do it by yourself without the assistance of a programmer. 

What is Mobirise?

Mobirise is an offline website builder software that can be used to create a website without connecting to the internet. It is a downloadable program that contains various pre-installed templates that you can choose to create and publish contemporary bootstrap websites in a cost-efficient fashion. This offline website builder is free and available for Windows, Mac, and Android devices.

Mobirise free wysiwyg website builder can also be used to design online resumes, portfolios, and landing pages, promo sites for apps, events, services and products.

Mobirise free website builder has various features that set it apart from other offline website builders. One of them is the bootstrap 4 elements. The Bootstrap 4 is a website framework that makes it highly responsive. Thus, making it easily adjust to any sort of devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and desktops.

Mobirise website creator software is a front-end framework that facilitates easier and quicker website development. It is easy to use, as it requires anybody with a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS to qualify for its usage. It is also highly compatible with various browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer 10+, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

Free Download

You can start using this after you have downloaded the Mobirise wysiwyg web page builder. Upon visitation of your website, it will be loaded from the cache, which in turn leads to faster loading time. It also features an impressive outlook & appearance and improved grid tiers.


I was testing my website for my upcomming project, so i sent myself a message using a form, then realised that on my email, it reflects as "Mobirise Contact Form". im finding difficulties to change that to "Reg Details." How can i change that?

Mobirise Support
Unfortunately, you can't change it.
It is the required part of a proper Mobirise best website creator software work. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I deleted my half made site by mistake - is ther any way of getting it back please

Mobirise Support
Usually, your projects are stored here:
(for Mac) ~/Library/Application Support/Mobirise.com/Mobirise/projects/
or here (for PC): \%localappdata%\Mobirise.com\Mobirise\projects

Please check this folder, maybe your projects are available in it. Use the Import feature to add them to your app.
Also, you can check folders with your published sites. Your project.mobirise files should be there.
Сheck the project history in the Mobirise - it have an autosaves of your previous versions of the project. See the attached screenshots.

I'm having difficulty making a link to an internal page To what can this be?

Mobirise Support

Please provide more information about your issue - what kind of difficulties you are having?
See the attached images, they should help you.

Can not use the program, it is always blocked by my antivirus

Mobirise Support
Add your app in to the exceptions of your antivirus soft.

I try it, it doesn't work I have the "Suite de sécurité Orange" from

I had just finished the index page and deleted it by mistake – the blocks I used have disappeared from the block menu so I cannot redo it
I have uninstalled and reinstalled mobirise and deleted all files left in appdata files

Mobirise Support
If you accidently deleted your blocks, then you can search the previous versions of your project in the project's history.
But in your case, it seems that you completely deleted the app and then installed it again.
So, sorry to say, now you aren't able to return your project.