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How to create a nice landing page in a minute:

1. Download free website builder software and run the installation wizard. Mobirise will be installed soon, once you select your installation preferences. 

2. Select awesome responsive design blocks you need: a header, some info and content blocks, blocks with media content to add your images and videos, a bootstrap carousel and a gallery if you want to show some images, pricing tables, blocks with accordions and tabs, social blocks, and so one: there are many more.

3. Place your content: replace placeholder text, images, and videos with your own content. You can select splendid images from free online image library if you don't have your own images.

4. Publish your site when it's done so your site files will be created. Remember that you can have several pages in a single project. Also, Mobirise wysiwyg web builder gives you a possibility to create many projects, their number is not limited.

You can use Mobirise drag and drop website builder to create site for non-profit and commercial aims, it is a free web site builder. Sites you create using Mobirise offline website builder are search-friendly and mobile-friendly, they are responsive so they look OK on both desktop and mobile devices. 


You don't need any special skills to create your sites, simply add needed blocks, place your content, and that's all! Select needed block properties to change the way your blocks look. Enable awesome extensions to add more functions, such as Google Analytics, social feeds, or an Instagram slider.

No Coding

Create sites without any coding skills. It is the future! The interface of creating sites is WYSIWYG, and you don't meet HTML, scripts, and CSS - only for some exceptions, if you want them. For those, who need it, the Code Editor is available.


Earlier, sites on the Internet weren't optimized for Mobile devices, and visitors had to zoom everything. Special site versions for mobile devices that are like new separate sites? Forget it. Adaptive and responsive sites are here. Create one version that is good for both desktop and mobile devices.

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Please what can i do to preventing deletions of my created site most of the time. I have observed that,whenever am developing a site,after few days the site am creating will delete. Please help me out i need your help.It is very annoying.

Mobirise Support
Please download the latest version of the Mobirise application here:
Make backup copies of your projects in a separate PC folder before every update so you could restore them later. Some bugs were eliminated.
There is an update: if your Sites list is empty, you can load the list of previously used projects: open your Sites list and press Ctrl+shift+L when it opened.

Insufficient downsizing of the text area (small, medium, large). Only small size works. Unsupported UTF-8 encoding support.

Mobirise Support
We directed this to the developers, but unfortunately, we can't tell for sure when it will be fixed.
There won't be any updates of this product in the nearest future because our developers are working on the other project in a current moment.

Hi there, I really like youre program Mobirise 4.6.6 but I came accross few problems recently.
1. I created the pages etc and then realised the next day, everything was lost, had to start again so can you add a Save button so I can save it manually?.. That would be cool if yes.
2. I cant seem to move the photos where ever i want and I cant seem to add my own text boxes anywhere i want them to be, could you please add these features?. Thank you
I will still continue using the program and hopefully would love to hear back from you on the updates etc! thank you.

Mobirise Support
Try to use a hotkey to restore the projects - shift+ctrl+L
There is an update: if your Sites list is empty, you can load the list
of previously used projects: open your Sites list and press
Ctrl+shift+L when it opened.
We'll provide your suggestion to our developers.
Thank you for the feedback!
You can also share your ideas in the Wish List on our forum -

I just wanted to say.... thanks for your job !!!
Mobirise it's great.

Serious problems with loading images from both the Site Library and the browse your computer option.
A serious problem encountered was when I put a source out the layout of the menu changes and I can no longer edit or change the Menu block.
The main problem is still to load new images.

Mobirise Support
Please provide more information and related screenshots so we could help you to resolve your problem.
What block and theme are you using?