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Easy Website Creator is an offline web designing application suited for effortlessly building of small/medium commercial websites, portfolio sites, personal blogs, landing pages, promotion sites for products, events and services.


Easy Website Creator is an appropriate tool for non-techies who was not used to encounter difficulties of web developing as well as for web designers who would rather work in visual mode than struggle with code. Easy Website Creator is also perfect for professional coders, suitable for swift prototype development and smaller projects for customers.


Main distinctions from traditional website creators:
* Minimalism-oriented, user-friendly interface
* Responsiveness, techniques "out-the-box" and newest ready-to-use site blocks
* Free for non-profit and commercial use


This free drag and drop website builder lets you slash the site development time. Pick and drop blocks you like to your webpage, work on your content consecutively and publish your website - no coding abilities needed.


Generate mobile-friendly, responsive websites that have wonderful appearance on any devices, in any browsers. You can preview directly in the visual editor of the offline website builder software free download how your website shows up on desktops, tablets and phones.


Google announces officially that websites generated with Easy Website Creator are 100% mobile-friendly and meet requirements of the recent Google Test.


Easy Website Creator creates sites based on Bootstrap 3/4 – first powerful mobile framework. Thus you can join the engrossing burgeoning Bootstrap Community, even though you’re not a coder.


Use the versatile latest pre-developed blocks – sticky dropdown and hamburger menu, bootstrap carousel, responsive gallery with lightbox, video backgrounds, twitter feed, parallax scrolling and more.


Publish your site with Easy Website Creator wherever you want – to a folder on your local drive, FTP or such hosting services as Google Drive, Github or Amazon S3. Don’t restrict yourself to only one service provider or platform.


Embed a completely responsive, touch-swipe bootstrap slider to your web page. Add pictures, content, buttons, adjust the size of the slider layout and set autoplay.


Add a subscribe or contact form to your site with no effort. There are no server adjustments needed. Just type your email in a form field and receive submissions at once.


Demonstrate your images in masonry mobile-optimized image gallery with responsive grid. The gallery thumbnails smoothly accommodate the browser screen width and expand themselves to the full image sliders due to the integrated lightbox.


Horizontal site menu folds itself into a single-icon menu called “hamburger menu” providing a perfect mobile experience for all site visitors.


Point your customers in the location of your company – just add a Google Map block and paste your company address.


Increase the number of your site visitors and improve social media interaction with "Follow Us" and "Share This Page" blocks. Social share button shows the viewers counter automatically, without any further modifications.


Choose one or more of the most popular fonts provided by Google to gain an outstanding look & feel with some typography ambiance.


Liven up your website and catch your site visitors’ attention by adding an appealing overall background video.


“For the past four years I haven't updated my websites, because I just couldn't find the responsive software for mobile... and consequently, my websites died. Now I found Free Web Editor, and I already have started revamping my sites... My sites look much better now, more modern, and are mobile responsive! And my guess is that the Easy Website Creator software will just get better over the coming month with new updates!”


“WOW, you guys have built just the tool I needed... we have a bunch of mini-brand websites that we have to put up for our company, that just are one page featuring a logo and some simple information. It was always taking me forever to do this.

Because Amazon S3 bucket hosting for static sites is so much cheaper than adding a site via onto our enterprise plan, you guys really helped us stretch our dollars so we can get more website builder online to keep our brand placement and trademark registrations active.

THANK YOU for inventing this cool little tool. We are all very grateful!"


“Nicely done. Will be nice to see in time when you can add more blocks/templates... I appreciate your efforts in creating something. I have been out of the picture for 12 years doing graduate studies with little human contact and need something to sublimate income and have started to do some web deisgn work. I did years ago too. A tool like this is very helpful as my skills are rusty and some of the tools out there want so much more than I can afford. So this allows me to do some fast landing pages for myself and others.”




Steve M.

If you’re like most people, you probably want a modern-looking website that’s mobile-ready, easy to create, and affordable. That’s exactly what Easy Website Creator delivers – this new web design tool transforms the entire process of building a website into a series of simple drag-and-drop actions that don’t require any knowledge of coding.

This code-free design environment is just one of the current trends in web design and development that you’ll experience when you use the Easy Website Creator. That’s actually a big deal if you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner – it enables you to focus all of your energy on building a business, not building a website or learning how to code.

The other big trend at the core of what Easy Website Creator offers is responsive website design. If you’re new to web design – and many people who use EasyWebsiteCreator probably are – responsive website design simply means that your website will be optimized for whatever device it’s being viewed on – your phone, your tablet or your desktop. Pages will load quickly, simple icons will replace text, and you will be able to navigate the website with just the thumb of your hand holding the mobile device.

In the case of EasyWebsiteCreator, these responsive design web pages are made possible via a minimalistic, easy-to-use interface that makes it simple to build a mobile-friendly website. You’re literally just selecting “blocks,” placing them on pages, and then customizing them with fonts, colors and other design elements. You can think of these “blocks” as all the functional units of a page. For example, there is a block for an image carousel, a block for a menu, and a block for Google Maps. 

It’s up to you where you want to place these blocks on the page, and it’s easy to drag them exactly where you want them to be. This is perfect for designers who want to work visually, as well as for people who don’t want to get bogged down in code. If you want a WYSIWYG (“what you see is what you get”) experience, this app is for you.

To get an impressive modern-looking website, it’s best to take advantage of all the blocks, templates and extensions that Easy Website Creator provides. Some of the trendy website blocks include an image carousel, a content slider, a responsive image gallery, a “hamburger menu,” Google Maps, social buttons, and an ambient video background.

If you’ve ever used other popular free wysiwyg web builders, such as Squarespace or Wix, you probably have a good idea of what to expect from the creator. However, there are a few areas where Easy Website Creator really sets itself apart from other website creators.

For one, Easy Website Creator is free, both for personal and commercial use. And it’s specifically geared toward mobile website creators, meaning that all of its themes and blocks are designed for responsive websites right out of the box. These blocks work together so well because they’re all based on the web design framework known as Bootstrap. As a result, you’re just dragging and dropping. Imagine creating a full landing page or promo site in less than 30 minutes!

If you’re thinking about finally getting a new, modern-looking website in 2016, Mobirize is a serious new entrant, offering some powerful tools that even experienced designers will appreciate. It’s free, simple and fully mobile-friendly – so there’s no excuse not to transform your favorite project into the sleek, modern website of your dreams.


John S.

There was a time when owning a website was a ‘Big Deal’. Only Coders, tech geeks, networking professionals and the likes could build websites for their specific purposes. But that was history. The development of website building has gone under revolutionary breakthroughs over the decades, and as of today, anyone can own and build a beautiful and striking website. This is the era in which evolving web development/web design will make your life easier and awestruck with its simplicity, potency, and ease of access. You can build and design websites like Lego building using blocks. Yes! It is that simple nowadays; even if you are a beginner, you can design yourself a website in no time and the most featured quality website creator rolling in the market is Easy Website Creator.

It is a mobile-friendly OS X, windows and android application that aids building and designing of websites on a drag-and-drop basis. Whether you want a portfolio, small to medium sized websites or want to claim your presence on the internet within no time, Easy Website Creator is there to grant you your wish, and the best part: it is totally free. It lets you set up quickly and requires no big downloads or registration hassle. Just a .zip file has to be downloaded and in no time you’ll surface in the online world with a website of your own. With an unparalleled User-Interface experience, it enables you to select blocks i.e. the designing tools, place it on different pages and customize it until you achieve the desired look.

Mobirise comes featured with a ton of ready block elements and designing tools such as contact forms, image galleries, sliders, Google Maps, social media buttons, and menus, among others. It offers parallax scrolling, ‘hamburger menu’ for mobile devices, mobile bootstrap slider, and video background that provides a unique and user-friendly customization and designing. You can use Google fonts feature to customize your fonts and refresh the look of your website and the latest bootstrap 4 framework upon which Mobirise runs, strengthens the mobile usability of the application.

Nevertheless, Mobirise doesn’t offer relatively advanced features for website building, but it offers an excellent expertise in “build-website-quick-and-beautiful-with-no-coding-knowledge-required” genre. Mobirise truly deserves a try as it lets you build a really nice looking website without spending tons of money and spraining spines for longer hours. It allows you to publish your finalized website to a local drive, upload it via FTP or get it to the Google drive. The site management section of Mobirise lets you add a Google Analytics tracking code, export a website and also allows you to quickly switch between already existing projects of yours and instantly customize them, in case you have multiple clients or you have multiple requests. What more one could wish for in a ‘free’ budget?

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Easy Website Creator is free for both personal and commercial use.
You can download and use Easy Website Creator for your own or client's websites without restrictions. 

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